Team eXtrem Tracks

Guided tours & bike rental

Guided tours & bike rental


Our main purpose is for you to just enjoy all the time that you spend with us. For that reason you will have qualified professionals that know every inch of the places that you are going to visit.

We have a lot of experience with companies like OOB Life (Denmark), Danske Bank (Denmark), McKinsey & Company (Canada), Deppon (China), Puro Coffee (Costa Rica), and some of the best riders of the world such as Alberto Contador, Carlos Sastre, Joaquín Rodriguez “Purito” or Lars Ytting Bak.

We work around the central region of Valencian Autonomous Community, the Pyrenees, some parts of Catalonia and we are working on some projects to expand our business to the Islands and Switzerland.

Team eXtrem Tracks

If you choose eXtrem Tracks you will have the best service possible. Our qualified team knows every corner of the places that you will visit. We will be there to look after you at all times and to make sure your stay is unforgettable.

eXtrem Tracks guided tours & bike rental in Oliva, Valencia.

Domingo Rus

Co-founder I Guide I Engineer

IT technician | Rock climbing instructor | Speleology and canyoning instructor | Tour guide and MTB instructor | Certified first aid for remote areas | Rural guide instructor | Certified route marking and signage | Drone pilot

Cycling challenge:
Un latido para Naiara | Trans Germany | Conquistadores (Costa Rica) | Guanaride (Costa Rica) | Raid al Magrib (Marruecos - Sahara) | Trans Tatras (Eslovaquia) | Iron Bike (Italia) | Haute Garone VTT Francia | Xillibre Everesting Challenge

Mountain, speleology and canyoning:
Alpes tour (Monte Rosa, Polux, Castor, Breihorn, Klein Matterhörn, Matterhörn (Cervino) 1995) | Aconcagua 98 | Kilimanjaro 99 | All the chasm in Comunitat Valenciana. Cueto Coventosa y Rio Mundo | Canyoning of Comunidad Valenciana. Gorges del Llech, Gorges del Nyer, Vero river, Aigueta de Eriste, another in Pyrenees | Rock openings like the school of climbing from Salem with almost 200 tracks | Hautte Garone VTT Francia | Benicadell, Peñón Divino, Bellus, Aventador, Ontinyent, Montesa.

Víctor Vila

Co-founder I Guide I Fisio

FP2 - Industrial electronics | Monitor of Fitness | Monitor - MTB road and MTB cycling guide | Degree in sports massage and kinesiotherapy | Monitor - Group guide in natural environment | Technician in marking routes and signage

Winner in regional road cycling rounds | Multipurpose runner in different CC equipment | Hautte Garone VTT Francia | Xillibre Everesting Challenge

Jordi Morán

Guide I Car support I Transfer

Monitor | Group guide in natural environment

Winner in different regional MTB and Running events | Hautte Garone VTT Francia | Xillibre Everesting Challenge

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