Find Captain Track's treasure.

Geocaching is a classic treasure hunt adapted to 21st century GPS technology.

This activity, a mixture of sport and leisure, suitable for all types of people, has been known for centuries as the “treasure hunt”, but here it has some novelties. The first is of a technological nature: it is carried out with the help of GPS technology and the second is the fun of finding treasures in their coordinates. If we add to this a natural environment or a cultural one within the city, we get the third which is the component of adventure and fun.


The levels in geocaching or treasure hunting can depend both on the riddles and dilemmas of the clues, or on the orographic difficulty of the ground where the tracks or geocaches are located. Both the one and the other are adapted to the group for which the activity is carried out


In any location in cultural and didactic field for the collective of schools.

Since we started running this adventure in 2014, hundreds of people from different countries and cultures have passed through our GPS’s, but they have all had something in common: the desire to spend a fun day being a pirate captain or Indiana Jones himself.

The treasure hunt changes completely when the activity is carried out at night, with only the help of our forehead lights and GPS it becomes even more fun, an adventure where the fauna changes and the passage of rivers in the dark become a challenge. In conclusion, fun in its purest form.

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