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Come and enjoy the hand of BiBeBu tours of a bike trip and see the charm of the sunset through the mountains and the Pego-Oliva Marjal Natural Park.


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Tour info

1 day
Transfer exclusivo de eXtrem Tracks desde Oliva
Tour Type:
Group size:
Minimum group of 6 people
from 4 to 5 hours
Minimum age
18 years
Spanish, English, Norwegian

Accompanied service

Local guides with experience of eXtrem Tracks Photo report. Shipping by wetransfer HD Dinner in Oli-Ba-Ba Beach Club Accident and civil liability insurance

Special offer


Discover the sunset in a different way in a journey through the mountains and the Pego-Oliva Marjal Natural Park.

Route between orange trees and rice fields to end on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with a dinner at the Oli-Ba-Ba Beach Club.

A route to be able to enjoy with friends, co-workers, as a family or meet new friends on the road.

  • Tour tarde-noche guiado (Safor y Marina Alta). / Guided evening tour (Safor and Marina Alta).
  • Guía de eXtrem Tracks. / eXtrem Tracks guide.
  • Idiomas Español – Inglés o Español – Noruego. / Languages ​​Spanish – English or Spanish – Norwegian.
  • Reportaje fotográfico. Envío por wetransfer en HD. / Photo report. Shipping by wetransfer in HD.
  • Cena en el Oli-ba-ba beach club (Burguer-Bebida). / Dinner at the Oli-ba-ba beach club (Burguer-Bebida).
  • Seguro de accidentes y RC. / Accident and RC insurance.
  • Alquiler bicicleta de montaña gamas media y alta. / Mountain bike rental medium and high ranges.
  • Alquiler de bicicleta de montaña eléctrica. / Electric mountain bike rental.
  • Alquiler Luz delantera 3LED 5000 lúmenes. / Rent 3LED front light 5000 lumens.
  • Bidón agua bicicleta. / Water bottle bicycle.
    • El casco y el candado están incluidos en el alquiler de la bicicleta. / The helmet and padlock are included in the bike rental.
    • Pedales disponibles para cala shimao o plano. / Pedals available for shimao or flat cove.
  • Transfer de ningún tipo. / Transfer of any kind.
  • Bebidas y comidas no estipuladas en el programa. (Serán de cargo directo) / Drinks and meals not stipulated in the program. (Will be of direct charge)


  • Culote ciclista. / Cycling shorts.
  • Camiseta de lycra o algodón. / Lycra or cotton shirt.
  • Deportivas o zapatillas de mtb. / Sports shoes or mtb shoes.
  • Calcetines de recambio. / Spare socks.
  • Toalla. / Towel.
  • Mochila o camelback. / Backpack or camelback.
  • Gafas de sol. / Sunglasses.
  • Crema solar. / Sunscreen.
  • Loción anti-mosquitos. / Anti-mosquito lotion.
  • Bidón de agua. / Water canister
  • Barritas energéticas o pieza de fruta. / Energy bars or piece of fruit.
  • Dinero extra. / Extra money.
  • Casco. / Helmet.
  • Luz delantera. / Front light.

Nota: aunque el guía tendrá un botiquín, cada participante deberá llevar lo que considere necesario dependiendo de sus patologías, casos personales, riesgos, etc., lo cual deberá comunicar al guía de forma privada. El tour tendrá salida todos los viernes y sábados durante las fechas estipuladas, siempre y cuando se forme el grupo mínimo.

Note: although the guide will have a first aid kit, each participant must take what they consider necessary depending on their pathologies, personal cases, risks, etc., which must be communicated to the guide privately. The tour will depart every Friday and Saturday during the stipulated dates, as long as the minimum group is formed.

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